As a collector and user of classic film cameras and with a collection of negatives and transparencies going back many years a good quality lightbox is essential to my work and this new A3 sized model from MACTING will come in very handy. This lightbox comes with pretty much all you would need to get the best from it including a felt padded case, angled metal work stand, and clips to secure workprints to the display.

It is USB powered and comes with a medium-length cable and external 4 AA battery pack for use when no mains supply is available. I would have rather had a longer cable to make it easier to use the device in my studio, but no matter. The external batteries should last for between 15 and 20 hours although I doubt if I will be using the box outside of my studio. The accessories will be useful too. The soft felt case is amply sized and has two large removable external pockets secured by velcro. The multi-position angled stand is well made and robust and supports the box very securely although at 4mm thick and weighing in at just 925g this unit could easily be wall-mounted, perhaps for hospital use.

The lightbox has a uniform and flicker-free cool white output with three brightness levels controlled by the single soft-touch power button although there is no way to adjust the colour temperature. At maximum brightness, the display is perfectly bright enough to allow tracing even with standard office paper. Unlike rivals I have used this box does not have a high gloss slippery surface and so items are far less likely to move around when they ought not to.

The main appeal to me aside from the flat and stable light output is the remarkable thinness of the unit at just 3mm – the price for which is the lack of an internal battery – the quality of the accessories included, and of course the remarkable price of just £49.99.

If you are an artist or a classic camera user like me then you will appreciate just what this excellent device has to offer.

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