Occffy Night Driving Vision Glasses

Road glare and haze on sunny days and nighttime glare from streetlights and oncoming headlights are a problem that these new driving glasses from Occffy are designed to combat. They do help to reduce the problem at least as well if not better than others I have tried.

The glasses weigh in at just 20g, have good-sized polarised resin lenses and stretchable frames that should fit all users. They are designed to to fit any width of head with a temple distance of 145mm+/- 5mm. The polarised yellow resin lenses are or 65 x 52mm with the frames 145 in width by the same distance from the lens to tip. Included in the branded mid-market box are a soft carry bag and cleaning cloth.

The yellow filter reduces headlight glare and reduces road reflection at night and general haze when used during the day. In both cases, the effect is present and effective but not overwhelming. The effect is more noticeable when worn than on camera. The glasses are very comfortable to wear and so lightweight you soon forget you have them on. They are offset from the face enough to even fit a pair of smaller glasses underneath!

These are a decent quality general purpose set of driving glasses suitable for day or night use and a good buy for the £14.99 price.

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