Littlelf WiFi Home Security Camera

This excellent 720p security camera from Littlelf is easy to configure and simple to use and has some features seldom found for the low to mid-range price. The all-purpose security camera is typical of the new generation of home security devices. It is budget-priced but high spec with better than average 720p resolution, cloud storage, SD card storage, in-app alerts, two-way audio, motion tracking. It is simple to configure, easy to operate, and works well.

The camera arrived in an attractive and well designed branded product box. Inside was the camera itself, a wall/ceiling bracket, UK plug power supply, wall mounting kit, USB to micro-USB cable, cleaning cloth and a well-written User Guide. The build quality seems good throughout and although the camera is quite large it is well made and looks impressive and rather upscale.

On the front of the camera are the camera lens and an infrared 11 Piece LED setup, call button and a microphone. Easily overlooked are the Reset Button and SD card slot on the rear of the camera along with the micro-USB power input port and Ethernet socket. On the underside of the base, there is the interface for the supplied mounting bracket or a standard tripod. There is no interface for an external alarm system. The camera is powered by a USB adaptor and so can work with any standard phone charger if the one supplied is unavailable. I was pleased to see that unlike with some rivals, a standard USB to micro-USB cable is used.

Setting the camera can be done either wirelessly or using an Ethernet cable (not supplied). I failed to connect using wifi due, I suspect, to my phone being on a dual 5/2.4g network but connecting over Ethernet was almost instantaneous. The only downside was having to register the LittleElf app before setup. Once connected the camera was fast and responsive with a range of options available through the extensive settings. There is no need for a wifi hotspot network generated by the camera, a hit or miss method still used by many older devices.

You can use the app to configure the camera in detail including alert triggers, SD card formatting and motion detection. Captured video and stills can be downloaded to both the phone and the camera micro-SD card.

The most notable features of this device are the ability to call the phone app from the camera using the front panel button, and the Alexa/Google Home voice control. It is a pity however than an external speaker and microphone cannot be connected and neither can third party alarm systems. There is support for Amazon Alexa using the PuwellCloud Skill and Google Home allowing for voice control and display on a connected TV or other screens.

Picture and audio quality is excellent and the live streaming fast and responsive. I have to say that it looks better on camera screen than it does from the app captured file. The camera offers full Pan, Zoom and Tilt control through the app. As my video shows there was very little latency between the phone and camera Pan and Tilt movements. This was better than I have found using some cameras costing several times the price.

If you want a good quality and easy to use security camera or baby monitor and at a very reasonable price and with a well above average feature list then this would be an excellent buy.

The Good
Great price
iOs and Android apps
Alexa/Google Home Skill
Two-way audio
Calls From Camera
Good build quality
Pan and tilt control in-app
Night Vision
Motion detection
In-app alerts
SD Card Slot

The Bad
No Audio out socket
No Audio In socket
No 5Ghz network support
The app needs to be registered

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