DONYER POWER Convector Radiator Heater

This well made and functional metal-bodied convection heater follows the traditional design for this type of heater with a large grill on the top and side controls for the power level, thermostat and mechanical timer. It has recessed side handles comes with two detachable feet for freestanding use and access grooves on the back for wall mounting.

In the branded heavy-duty box was the heater itself, two detached floor standing legs, mounting screw set, and a well written but rather hard to read User Guide.

Build quality seems fine with nothing looking likely to fail anytime soon. The only point of issue is that the tiny three-position switch (Off/Timer/Thermostat) on the timer needs to be set correctly to operate the heater. When set to off, the heater power and thermostat controls do not work. It must be set to the Thermostat position for normal non-timer operation.

Using the device is easy enough. Firstly, following from what I said above, ensure the small turret in the centre of the timer dial is set to Thermostat position (bottom) then select the power lever needed: 750w, 1250w or 200w (both switch On), each switch has a bright red confirmation LED. Then adjust the thermostat dial to the temperature level you need. If you want to use the timer, select the Timer position on the small three-position switch, rotate the outer dial to the current time of day and then select the segments of the inner dial to set the heater to come on those times. You can also set the thermostat to operate within those times also.

During my testing, the heater worked well, gave off a good level of convected heat at all settings and at the selected periods using the timer. This is a long-standing and refined technology with very little capable of going wrong.

This traditional heater is well made, works well and has a good range of heating and timing controls and for the £25.99 price seems a pretty good buy to me.
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