Neewer 38-60cm Wall Mounting Boom

I needed an overhead mount for a ring light to reduce space in my already cluttered office and a simple wall mount such as this seemed the best solution. The first boom arm I bought, which was from a rival company, proved to be useless as the arm wobbled slightly on the base and so it was sent back. No such problems with this one from Neewer.

The boom arm is made almost entirely from metal with stainless steel used for the screw and bracket assembles although the large locking grips are made from plastic. The boom arm comes with a universal adapter to allow for different fittings to be attached. Also included is a set of screws and wallplugs which I found to be nowhere near strong enough to support the unit. The bracket is attractively designed and well made with no sign of wobble at the base or slipping at the end bracket. There is a small pass-through mount on the base for cables.

Fitting the unit was not quite so easy as I expected. I was mounting it to my office wall, which modern stud mounted type. The supplied screws and wall plugs were not suitable and nowhere near up to the task but possibly might have been suitable if used with a brick or stone wall. I bought some specialised metal plugs which opened out into the space behind the thin wall and then screwed in place to hold the bracket firmly.

Once in place, the boom arm seems good and firm with everything firm and stable with the ring light showing no sign of working loose. It holds my 18″ ring light OK with a GoPro type camera in place but I would not want to mount anything heavier up there and would think twice before extending the arm beyond the minimum length.

This is a decent quality professional piece of kit and aside from the rather feeble screw set is a good buy for £15.59.

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