Tintec LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass

This handy little device will be a boon to anyone working with small hard to see items or with poor eyesight needing a boost. This lens set allows you to get a clearer view and to work hands-free.

The set consists of the lens with built-in LED lights, handle, crocodile grip flexible mount, charging cable, lens protection bag, cleaning cloth and User Guide. Build quality seems fine throughout with nothing looking likely to break or fail anytime soon. It is a pity no case for the complete set was included but the soft bag will protect the lens and perhaps the handle too.

Optically the lens seems fine with no distortion when viewed at directly although with the expected distortion when viewed obliquely from an angle. When used with the illumination from the six LEDs placed around the lens lighting is bright but not overpowering and with a good, even well-focused medium cool light spread.

Charging time is around six hours for the integral 180mAh Lithium battery and can be done using the supplied cable to any USB outlet. The status LED next to the port changes from red to green when charging is complete.

Priced at £21.99 just well made and cleverly designed lens set seems a very decent buy.

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