DARMAI Electric Can Opener


This deceptively simple device makes opening cans a simple one-handed operation. It takes a little get used to at first but once you get the hang of it nothing could be simpler.

In the plain and unbranded box along with the can opener was a useful three page User Guide, well written and easy to read.

Using the device is perfectly simple. Just place the unit on top of the can and press it inwards until you feel it touch the can lip. Then press and hold the large button until the motor starts and the cutting blade engages. The device will then rotate around the can until it is fully open and the motor turns off automatically. The lid is retained magnetically to the opener to prevent it falling into the can. Should a dented or non-standard can cause the device to stall, or if the batteries fail in mid operation then use the small button on the underside of the unit to engage reverse mode or turn the quick release screw by the blade to release manually.

Priced at £16.99, this would be a great buy for general household use and particularly for the elderly, infirm or anyone that finds using an old-style can opener a problem.

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