KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone System

This is perhaps the easiest to use wireless mic system I have ever used and at £42.49 one of the most economic considering what you get for your money. The easy to use kit is aimed at YouTubers and smartphone users and gives all you need to start using it right there in the box.

In the box are a headset Mic, clip-on Lavalier mic, transmitter with belt clip, receiver, 4 pop filters (2 are prefitted), plug adapter, Y cable splitter, dual charging cable and a well written and easy to read User Guide. No batteries are needed as the transmitter and receiver are both rechargeables. Build quality seems fine with nothing looking likely to fail or break.

Using the device could not be simpler. After charging the transmitter and receiver, pair the two together by turning the switch on both two the ON position. The blue LED on each device will flash briefly and then remain on when paired,m a process which takes no more than a second or two. Plug the receiver into the mic or mic/headset port of your camera or phone and your microphone into the transmitter. A three-hour charge should give you at least six hours of sustained use. You can use either of the supplied mics or any other suitable microphone. You may need to adjust the volume control on the transmitter for best results, this is important but allows you to use a wide range of mics. The system should work with almost any camera, computer or stage show setup and an adapter is provided for 6.35mm large-format jack sockets. Keep in mind to check your hardware does not need more than 15w of power, so it will not work with small Bluetooth speakers, for example.

The sound quality was fine and I detected no drop-outs or interference but I did find it important to set the volume control on the transmitter correctly to avoid clipping when set too high or background noise when too low. That aside, this device could not be easier to use and once set up it can just be plugged in and used with no further configuration each time.

If you are a YouTuber, filmmaker, produce presentations or stage shows, this might well be just what you need.

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