Liwiner Universal International Travel Power Adapter


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Currently priced on Amazon at £14.16 this versatile travel adapter will allow you to plug pretty much any plug in to pretty much any socket. Take note that this is not a power transformer and will not change the output voltage, so take care before using this or any plug adapter.

The 273 x 165 x 88 mm, 138g device arrived in a simple branded box inside of which was the adapter itself, a rigid zipped travel case and a short and well-written User Guide a scan of which I include in my unboxing video. Build quality seems excellent with nothing looking likely to break or fall off any time soon.

Looking at the adapter on one side are a row of sliders each marked for a particular plug type – EU, UK, Australia, and the USA. On one side are openings for the various plug prongs to protrude and on the opposite the slots for the plug in use to be inserted. On the lower side are four USB ports. Next to the input socket is a single large status LED.

This is probably the easiest to use travel adapter I have tried so far. Just slide the switch to select the plug type you want and the correct prongs will emerge and lock in place. To retract them just pull the slider back. When retracted the prongs are locked and there is no danger of the coming out or partially protruding as with some rival devices I have used. Unlike with some rivals this new design needs no locking or release button. Remember that this is a plug adapter and not a power converter but it will work with any power input/output between 100 and 240v at up to 6A. Take note that it may not work with high power devices such as hair dryers or immersion heaters.

Using the device as a USB charger is just as simple and exactly the same as with any normal charger. All the sockets are smart and will output only the power required by each connected device to a total of 3.4A. The four USB 3 ports are rated at up to 2.4A. All the ports have Overload protection to protect against short circuits and maintain table charging

This is an excellent and very versatile device, works perfectly and is small and neat enough to take anywhere.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Versatile Functionality
Simple to Use
Smart USB
Good User Guide
Great Price

The Bad

More Info and Purchase