DIGITNOW 1080P HDMI-USB Video Capture Dongle


.This is the closest to a true Plug and Play HDMI capture device I have yet tried. With my Windows computer using the recommended AMCAP software, it worked the first time for video using the default values. Some tweaking and software adjustments got the audio stream too at with no visible frame drops or freezing.

In the box are the dongle itself together with HDMI and USB 3 cables and a well written and easy to read User Guide. The Guide gives detailed instructions for using the downloadable MCAP software but it should work with any video editing software capable of receiving a live stream. It is important to ensure your computer has enough hardware to process the output stream in real-time.

Using AMCAP 9.23 on my Windows computer I had the option to save the stream as MP4, AVI, or WMV and I found MP4 worked best. It may be necessary to tweak the sound settings for best results and I found the suggested 48KHz worked best with sync delay set to minimum and within Windows, the audio source again set to 48KHz. Fiddling with the various software settings may be needed to get the results you need. I found using an HDMI splitter allowed me to monitor the source video in real-time and it is a pity there is no pass-through port on the device. I did notice some frame dropping on the input screen at times depending on which recording codec I used but this did not affect the recorded file.

At the current price of £109.99, this is not an inexpensive piece of kit but it is far less costly than the big-name rivals.

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