ANRUI Toiletry Travel Bag Set

There are strict rules for air travel these days and airport staff need to examine all items taken on board, particularly liquids and cosmetic products. This set of two travel bags from ANRUI can speed this process up by allowing airport staff to inspect the contents of the bags without needing to open them.

Presented in a handy reusable ziplock storage bag, each 19.5 x 6.5 cm, 58g, clutch bag is made from BPA free PVC and features a full-length metal core zipper. My set has black seams and logos but a range of other colours are available. When empty the bags can be folded flat and have no rigid frame to prevent this. The bags are surprisingly capacious for their size and between them should hold all you need for the flight, but remember that any liquids container must be no larger than 100ml. Remember too to keep the check process speedy by not overfilling the bags.

Although lightweight the bags seem well made and robust enough for travel use with a heavy-duty zip and leak-free design, corrosion-resistant construction. They certainly seem fine for the task they are designed for and at just £5.81 for the pair will certainly not break the bank.

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