Joom Filter Brush Kit for Roomba 800 & 900 Series

The official spares kit from iRoomba is priced at £49.99 and has two, not three side brushes but is otherwise identical. However, it does come in a fancy box. This kit from Chinese online retailer Joom cost £11 including shipping but it did take nearly a month to arrive. Was it worth the wait?

The kit arrived in just a plastic bag inside a robust shipping bag and had no paperwork or any other material with it. Build quality seems fine to me and almost identical to the iRoomba originals on my model 890 vacuum.

Fitting was the same experience as last time where I used an official spares kit. The only problem was getting the side brush loose as the fixing screw also easily unscrewed did not seem to wat to release the brush, but in the end brute force prevailed and it came off. Note that no screws are included in this kit so be sure to save the original. The rollers and HEPA filter just slotted into place without a fight.

Really I see no reason not to recommend this kit other than the slow delivery time. A great buy indeed.

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