JAXWQ 5 in 1 Multifunction Stud Detector

I have tested a few wire and stud finders before but this one seems better than most and comes at a slightly higher price than many rivals, but it is worth the difference?

This deceptively simple budget-priced Stud Finder from JAXWQ arrived simply packed in a branded cardboard box. Inside was the Stud Finder itself and a single large-format User Guide which append to my unboxing video. Also included was a standard 9v battery.

The Stud Finder has a large green backlit monochrome LCD panel on the front with the On/Off and Mode Switch buttons below. button at thumb level below. On one side is the scanning button and on the rear the battery holder. On top as you face it is the indicator at which you can mark the centre marking point for the located stud. Build quality seems fine and the device is clearly robust enough for on-site use, although it is a pity no protective case was included.

The device has five operating modes, all selected using the front panel button. The modes are Standard scan (metal studs up to 1/2 inch deep), Medium (metal studs up to 1 inch deep). Deep Scan (metal studs up to 1.5inch deep), Metal Scan (metal up to 2.36 inch deep), AC Scan (wires up to 2 inches deep). On-screen and audio alerts confirm when a scan is completed. The LCD screen has icons for Mode Status, AC wire warning, low battery, moving direction, Stud Centre,. Stud Edge, Target Signal Strength.

Using the device is easy enough. After inserting the battery turn the unit on and select the desired operating mode using the front panel button. IN stud/deep mode hold the device against the wall to be scanned and press and hold the scanning button on the side of the unit to calibrate the unit, in AC/Metal mode hold it away from the wall. The Bars on the LCD display will diminish and the beeper will sound once indicate calibration is complete. Press and hold the scanning button again and gently move the unit flat against the wall. When a signal is found it will beep and a signal strength bar display shows together with an arrow indicating which way to push the unit, a verticle line will indicate the target edge and CENTER will display at the midpoint of the stud. Then choose the Metal Scan mode to test whether the object is metal. You can then mark the wall at this point. The principle is the same for Metal and AC Wire modes.

In my limited test, the device worked perfectly but with all such units, you need a basic level of common sense when using it. The studs which I knew to be in the wall were all located with a minimum number of false positives. For the very reasonable price of £22.99, this seems a worthwhile investment for such an advanced instrument.

The Good
Works Well
Good Price
Good Build Quality
Bright LCD Screen
Audible Alert

The Bad
No Carry Case

More Info and Purchase