Dikenson Trouser Hangers – Pack of 20

This new set of twenty rather classy and upmarket Trouser Hangers from Dikenson will add some style to your wardrobe and at £10.99 for the set are not badly priced. They arrived simply presented clipped together in an unbranded plastic bag with no paperwork or other items.

Each hanger is made entirely of ‘Chrome Metal’ and at 30.5cm across is not to wide to fit even into a small wardrobe or armoire. The hangers each have a large 8.5cm hook and two sliding clips, again of metal and with a
rubber grip to protect the clothing. The hangers themselves also sport a similar rubber protective sleeve on each end. The clips grip firmly and the hangers although lightweight are robust and strong enough to support the heaviest of garments. These are trouser hangers and although they can be used with other clothing, they lack the secondary trouser rail found on general-purpose hangers.

In use, as you would expect, they work perfectly well. The grips hold the trousers perfectly with no sign of them working free and I like the way the grips can be adjusted to suit the garment in position.

For the price and the quality, these are a very decent buy.

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