Carevas Shiatsu Kneading Feet Massager

I have tried several Shiatsu style foot massagers in the past but none have offered the range of treatment methods available with this new model from Carevas. I have been suffering from sore and aching feet for a while so I was keen to give this new and interesting device a try in the hope of curing the problem.

The massager is larger than I expected and arrived packed in a large but attractively designed box. Inside was the device itself, a UK power supply, remote control, and a short but well written and easy to read User Guide. I enclose a scan of the User Guide in my unboxing video. Switch to full screen and pause as needed to view it.

Build quality seems fine. The unit, which is not so heavy as it appears, is well made and robust. The bays into which the feet go are lined with a heavy-duty soft material which can be unzipped and removed for washing. Unlike some rivals, the power supply is a single integrated unit with a UK three pin wall plug. The remote has large and easy to identify button and takes two AAA batteries (not supplied).

Inside the foot, openings are sets of airbags, rolling balls and heating elements all of which can be customised in use according to your needs. It offers three types of roller based massages: Kneading, Rolling, and Scraping. In addition, it also performs Air Compression, Heating, and Pressure treatments. It has three preset modes which cover low, medium and high settings on all functions. You can, however, adjust each independently as suits your need. The settings cover roller speed and air compression power along with timer control and heat on/off. When in operation there are LED’s that illuminate inside each foot bay.

Operating the unit is easy enough from the large touch control panel the top of the device or remote control. Left to right there are soft-touch buttons for Power, Timer, Air Compression, Roller Speed, Massage Mode, and Heat. There is a central LED number display and checkpoints to show the intensity level of each treatment type.
The above settings can all be defined manually through the control panel or remote, but three Modes are available also each with a combination designed for a specific treatment.

Using it for the first time is an interesting if rather worrying sensation. The device is quite noisy and emits some strange bleeps, whirrs and sighs as the various elements within do their work. Aside from the fairly standard vibration and rolling ball massaging the airbags give a sensation of compression which is a bit disconcerting at first and gave rise to thoughts of the old medieval Boot torture device. As soon as it got worryingly tight the compression was relieved and I soon got used to it.

My feet and legs certainly felt better afterwards, refreshed and soothed. I think I will persevere with using this device as unlike with many massagers I did feel a real benefit from using it. £129.99 is not cheap but given the build quality and effectiveness and ease of use of the device, I think it may be worth it.

The Good
Easy to Use
Good build quality
Good User guide
Remote Control
Works Well

The Bad
More info and purchase