KOKODI LCD Writing Tablet

This easy to use device from KOKODI carries on and brings into the 21st century the tradition of the roman wax tablet and victorian slate writing board. This is a simple write-on/wipe-off board and at £10.99 will certainly not break the bank.

In the box, more of an envelope than a box, was the writing-table, scribe, a spare battery (one is prefitted) and a sort of lanyard strap. Build quality seems fine for the price and the device is described as being waterproof, shockproof, and drop resistant, although I might hesitate to put that to the test.

The device takes a widely available CR2016 which cost less than £1 each to replace. There is an access panel on the rear to replace the battery which I was pleased to see was protected by a childproof screw.

Using the pad could not be easier. The scribe, which clips into place on the top of the unit, has a choice of two nibs which can be used to write or doodle on the tablet as desired. Turn the Power switch on the base of the unit to On and then press the button below the LCD panel to wipe the screen. The screen can be written on even when the unit is switched off, which is great for battery life and to protect important notes, as the wipe button only works when the power switch is at the On position.

The tablet is mainly aimed at children but the magnetic back allows it to serve well as a kitchen or office notice board or for similar uses in the home.

The is a simple and versatile little device perfect for tiny hands and perhaps bigger ones too.

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