Princess 1500W Smart Glass Panel Heater

Priced at £99.99 for the 1500w and £119.98 for the 2000w big brother, this new smart heater from Princess is by no means the cheapest on the market, but is it worth paying more for?

My initial impressions were not good. Some Amazon reviewers had complained about receiving damaged or scruffy products and the one I received arrived sporting a hefty dent in the rear. Although an old hand at these matters I was unable to get it to work with Alexa, the main reason I bought it.

An email to Princess support was promptly answered and told me that damaged goods were down to Amazon repackaging customer returns without inspecting them properly. The Alexa issue was quickly cured by unlinking and then relinking the Alexa HomeWizard Climate Skill.

The 1500w model is about two thirds the length of the larger one which is otherwise identical. It has a glass from panel with an integrated LED touchscreen display panel.  The heater looks great and has a rather posh upmarket feel to it. It works by convection only and is perfectly silent in operation. The device can be controlled manually but comes into its own when controlled through the dedicated HomeWizard Climate App and Alexa. Using the app temperatures can be instantly set along with timers and schedules and heat levels. When the app is paired to Alexa a new world of remote and voice control is opened up, to wide-ranging to go into here. The app can support multiple heaters as well as fans and other devices from Princess, all with Alexa integration. I should add that the device integrates just as nicely into Google Home setups.

The initial teething trouble now over, the device is working perfectly and seems good and reliable. Using Alexa the heater comes on each morning to preset the room to a particular temperature and turns off when the Alexa ‘Bedtime’ routine is run.

Would I advise buying? Yes, if you are an Alexa/Google Home user but open the box carefully and check it over well in case you have to send a scruffy one back.

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