Aogled E27 Led Bulb 12W 6000K x4

This new and updated set of four E27 corncob bulbs from Aogled is well priced at just £14.99 . The specifications for these bulbs is set out very clearly on the pack cover to ensure t they meet your needs.

The 12w 1200 lumen bulbs are brighter and more powerful than most of this size and offer a very accurate colour rendition making them particularly suitable for any location needing bright and cool light but without a colour cast or false colour rendition – an art gallery or shop window, for example. Of course, they are also very well suited for home use and are priced accordingly.

The set of four bulbs are packaged in a reusable lockable bag with the bulbs separately boxed within. Each bulb is 101 x 30mm in size and seems very well made and robust, far more so than the 100W Halogen bulb they replace, and I would not worry too much if I dropped one.

The bulbs are very bright for the size with a daylight 6000K white light. A feature of the bulbs is that they are flicker free and turn on instantly and operate without the faint buzz of many older and cheaper rivals. The light is stable and without a colour cast and easy on the eye.

If you need to replace your existing bulbs then this new set would be an excellent buy

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