Princess 350000 Smart Tower Fan

Priced at £119.99 this is by no means inexpensive but it is an impressive looking device, works well, and is one of the few true smart fans currently available. It is part of a range of smart devices from Princess and I have already looked at the Smart Heater to which this is a companion and controlled by the same Climate Wizard app.

The device arrived in a suitably large and impressive box within which was just the tower heater itself and a shorter but well laid out user Guide. Build quality is good but not quite to the premium level I was expecting although nothing looks likely to fail anytime soon. As with the princess heater, I have to say that mine arrived bearing a few minor scuffs and a small dent and in fact, many reviewers have complained of receiving clearly previously returned items. Before use, the tower has to be secured to the base but this is easy enough to do with a large crosshead screwdriver. Remember to feed the hard-wired 1.18m power cable through the centre of the base before fixing it in place.

Once assembled the next task is to connect the fan to the Climate Wizard app on your phone. This is easy enough to do, particularly if you have another Princess device already connected. The App walks you through this but remember if this is your first device to ensure your phone is connected to a 2.4Ghz network. As I already have a connected Princess device I found my 5Ghz phone connection worked fine. Remember also to have the name and password for your home wifi network available as it will be needed during setup. To connect to Alexa or Google just download and enable the Climate Wizard skill and let Alexa/Google discover the new device.

Some reviewers were complaining that all Alexa could do was turn the unit off and on but maybe the firmware has been updated since then as I found I could control most functions of the fan using just my voice. The fan can also be controlled through the Climate Wizard app, Alexa/Google app and with the LED control panel on top which gives a visual display of the current setting, although this can only be seen when standing and looking down on the device.

The fan has a relatively modest oscillation range of just 80 degrees but for me, this is fine as when positioned in a corner pretty much the whole room gets the benefit. Although the fan has four grill faces only one of them outputs air, which I found slightly disappointing at first but keeps the output more focused. The fan puts out a good volume of air but is not the most powerful I have used by any means. If you want sheer maximum airflow then a traditional floor standing 15″ or larger circular fan is better and also cheaper. I was also surprised by how much the fan wobbles about when oscillating but got used to it after a while although I was expecting better for this price. The three-speed fan also offers three operating modes: Normal, Natural, and Sleep. Natural aims to imitate an outdoor breeze and varies both intensity and oscillation, Sleep mode reduces the intensity and also noise, although at a maximum of 54dB it is one of the quietest large fans I have ever used. There is also a timer that can be set to between 1 and 8 hours of operation.

Despite the few drawbacks, this is probably the best big fan I have ever used, as it should be for the price. It is easy to configure and simple to operate. In use, it puts out a good but not excessive amount of airflow and is quiet and non-intrusive in use. It is also easier to store away than a traditional fan when not needed.

If you need a stylish and attractive fan and have a smart or connected home, then this could be for you.

The Good
Attractive design
Alexa/Google Support
Good Airflow
Low Noise
Multiple Modes

The Bad
Quality Control Issues
Wobbles In Use
LED Display Poorly Placed

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