VDIAGTOOL VD10 Car Diagnostic Code Reader

he VD10 Car Diagnostic Code Reader from VDIAGTOOL is priced at £29.81 and is a cut above earlier generation readers I have tried in the past as it is easier to use and comes with a large and clear backlit LCD screen.

In the blister pack are just the device itself together with a lengthy but easy to read and well-written User Guide. Build quality seems fine with the Reader made from robust plastic with a heavy-duty data cable and ODB2 plug.

This device reads and interacts with the diagnostic data generated by your car’s onboard computer as they do in the garage when your car goes in for repair or service. For non engineers, the main benefit is perhaps to test the battery and to turn off annoying warning lights that may be showing on the dashboard. Of course, it can do vastly more than this but it is wise not to tinker as bad things can happen to those that do not know what they are doing. It is interesting in itself just to see what is going on inside the engine even if, like me, you are not sure what to do with the data.

Perhaps the hardest thing when using this device is to find the ODB2 port on your car, all cars made after 1996 should have one, and it is usually situated somewhere under the steering wheel. On my Toyota Aygo, this indeed is where the interface is located and the cable is long enough to let me view the device with it on my knee. Once connected all you need do is turn the car engine on and run through the available tests on the device, although some may require that the ignition be on with the engine off. I noticed that the device has what looks like a USB port on the base with which it may be possible to connect to a computer or export data.

This is a well made and very versatile device. For me, the best features are the clear and easy to read display, comprehensive User Guide, and the wide-ranging diagnostic information which is well laid out and simple to navigate.

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