INDUSTRIPET Lickimat Wobble Feeder

Designed in Australia, where they know something about wobble boards, this simple device is designed to keep your pet occupied by licking meat paste, peanut butter, or similar delights from the knobbly surface of the toy.

The toy, which is like half a ball covered in hard nodules inside the soft and wobbly skin, is well made and quite robust. It feels just like a deflated football and this is to prevent the pet from pushing too hard against it which makes it far more difficult to get the food out. That said, a particularly strong dog could probably bite and tear the rubber, so take care to supervise the first couple of time it is used.

Coating the inside surface is as simple and obvious as it sounds, although inverting the ball makes it a bit easier to get the maximum amount on. I have experimented with meat past, peanut butter, dripping, the fat from roast chicken spread with a spreading knife or brush. One good thing about the shape of the object is that it reduces the amount of spillage onto the floor.

Did my dogs like it? yes, both dogs seemed to enjoy it but gave up after a while leaving some paste still in place. Either it was just too hard to get it all off or they did not feel it worth the effort.

This is a decent enough item and at £8.99 is not too expensive, it makes a change from the usual Kong type food toys often used. Remember, it may not be suited for a particularly strong and greedy dog!

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