CocoBear Clinical Thermometer CBT40

This simple clinical thermometer from Cocobear is not quite so simple as it seems and packs some pretty sophisticated features into it for just £15.99
In the box are the thermometer, User Guide and a CR2032 button battery. The thermometer is made from flexible silicone with a metal recording tip sensor. It has a backlit LCD and a single soft touch button on the end of the body of the unit. Build quality seems fine and there is nothing that can break or fail too easily, as the stalk of the thermometer is both flexible and tough.
The thermometer can display in either Centigrade or Fahrenheit, displays the last reading when the button is pressed, offers audio alerts and is accurate to ± 0.1 ℃. It has an alert feature if an abnormally high temperature is recorded.
It can be used to take the temperature under the arm or in the orifice of your choice. To use it, just press the button and the beep sounds once, put it in your mouth (or wherever) and wait until the beep sounds again after about eight seconds. The backlit display will show the reading. Next time you press the button the last reading taken will be displayed again.
The is a deceptively simple little product that works well, is nicely designed and well priced.