Topspitgo Automatic Soap Dispenser

This handy soap dispenser from Topspitgo is doubly useful in these troubled days as not only does it dispense liquid soap or hand sanitising fluid, it works with an economic soap/water mix and dispenses the liquid as an easy to use foam.

In the box are the soap dispenser, User Guide and what I take to be a collapsable funnel, although this is not mentioned in the User Guide. Build quality all seems fine and the device feels pretty robust and well made.

For normal operation use a mixture of liquid soap and water, do not use a solution that is too thick to avoid clogging up the feeder pipe. The device then dispenses a preset amount of foamy soap when the hand is placed below the sensor at the front of the unit. Press the button to change the amount of soap dispensed. The status LED lights up during operation. You will need to experiment as to the proportions of water and liquid soap but try one part soap to five parts water as a starting point. For me the soap is dispensed as a light but creamy and dense foam, but again results will vary according to the type of soap and proportions used. I worried at first that the 280ml tank capacity might be too small but this proved not to be the case.

It is important to keep the device free from congealed or dried up soap, so be sure to rinse the device if it is to be left unused for any length of time.

The device works well and for £20.89 is a pretty good buy.

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