Gvoo 10” LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

Well priced at just £20.60 this kit consists of a 10″ ring light, selfie stick with a phone mount, mini tripod, Bluetooth remote control, ball and socket mount, phone mount, and lanyard strap. The build quality, although lightweight, seems fine for the price.

The selfie stick has metal extension tubes to give a full reach of about 65cm with a rotatable phone clamp on the end. The stick has a fold-out base so it can double as a tripod. The separate mini tripod although made of plastic is robust and stable and the small gooseneck Phone mount is made of metal and has a fully rotatable ball and socket setting. The separate tripod ball and socket mount is again made of metal and is robust and strong. The ring light and phone can be interchanged between selfie stick and tripod mounts.

The USB powered 10″ ring light although constructed of lightweight plastic, seems well made and works well with in-line controls for 10 stage dimming, and the three preset colour temperatures. The power button is backlit and can easily found in the dark, a thoughtful touch.

The Bluetooth remote can be mounted on the selfie stick for easy access or removed for longer range use and again works reliably and well for me. There are two buttons on the remote but I found both triggered my Android phone.

The kit as a whole is pretty much all you need to improve your selfie shots at home and outside and is suitable too to help with a first step ino the world of YouTube and video making.

The Good
Great Price
Comprehensive Package
Easy To use
Metal Gooseneck and Ball Mounts

The Bad
Lightweight Build Quality
No Storage Case

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