Youmeet 18MP Compact Camera

I had my doubts about this little camera when it first came my way but, in fact for the £29.99 price, it is not a bad buy.

In the branded box is the camera, battery (installed), charging cable with UK adapter, software CD, lanyard and a well written if rather small and hard to read User Guide.

The camera is better made and more robust than I was expecting. It has a rechargeable battery which can be replaced if needed, and a large, bright if rather low resolution 2.7″ LCD screen on the rear. It has a macro mode switch and grommet protected USB port on one side and battery/Card bay on the other. On the rear are two multi-purpose buttons and a small and rather difficult to use menu navigation ring. On the front is the lens, flash, timer LED and a tiny selfie mirror. On top is the microphone along with shutter and power buttons.

For a budget camera, there is a surprisingly wide range of configurable options – ISO, EV, timer, frequency, white balance, date, as well as on-screen image editing. I get the feeling that this may have been a much more expensive camera in another life a few years ago, now rebranded, repackaging and reduced in price.

The camera takes still pictures and a range of sizes up to 18M and video up to 720p. The image quality is again better than I feared and although there is a tendency for highlights to blow out, with care it is possible to get perfectly good pictures. Video also works and is sharper and clear than I expected but let down somewhat by a slow shutter speed and the same blown highlights the still images are prone to.

With a little effort, perfectly good results can be got from it, this together with decent build quality and a wide range of image options makes this a camera worth considering if your budget is tight.

The Good
Great Price
Good Build Quality
Highly Configurable
Decent Image Quality

The Bad
Slow Video Frame Rate
Hard To Use Controls

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