HETP S8 Wireless Earbuds

I have said previously that it is time to raise the bar and in judging this new True Wireless Earbud set from HETP I will attempt to be so. However, let me say first that this £24.95 is at least as good as a set costing five times this price of 18 months ago.

In the attractive mid-market box are the usual contents: buds, charging case, power cable, three gel pairs (one fitted) and an excellent User Guide in good English. Build quality is excellent although not quite to Premium quality, but nothing to complain about.

So what is so good about this headset.

1. Sound Quality. After selecting the correct size gel set (very important) the sound is one of the best I have ever heard from a TW headset. Clean, undistorted if understated bass, clear and well-defined mid-tones, and a high end, detailed and with only a trace of harshness.

2. Bluetooth 5 connection quality. Easy pairing and then auto on and off when the buds are taken from and returned to the case. Great Bluetooth range, only a few dropouts after several weeks of use. The green pulse light on the buds goes out when a connected, a handy feature.

3. Good touch controls; tap either once for play/pause/ answer call, tap twice to reject a call, tap Right bud twice to advance a track, tap Left twice to go back a track. Tap three times to access your Apple or Google Personal Assistant. There is no way to adjust audio volume from the buds, a great pity. The buds will work separately from each other and stand-alone.

4. Long Battery Life. So far I have not had a battery warning from them after extended use. The five-hour playtime claim is no exaggeration. The charging case LED indicates the charging status of the Case and Buds.

5. USB-C Power input. It is good to see the new standard being adopted here. The supplied USB to USB-C cable is an added and welcome bonus.

The main selling points for me are, the compact size of both the case and buds, the use USB-C for the charging port and the easy to see bud connection status LED.

So is there anything to criticise? The sound quality is good, but even more bass would be better for me, as would bud control of audio volume and the smooth casing of the earbuds means that retrieving them quickly from the magnetic charging case can be tricky sometimes. I struggle to open the case too as the smooth surface and small opening notch makes this difficult.

All in all, this is a fantastic earbud set and due to the short and spasmodic Amazon shelf life of such devices, I have bought two more pairs to keep hold of, just in case.

The Good
USB-C Charging
Compact Size Buds
Compact Size Case
Bud ConnectionStatus LED
Great Price
Good Build Quality

The Bad
Hard To Open Case
Hard To Remove Buds
No Volume Control
More Bass Needed

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