Oladwolf Electric Plasma Arc Lighter

Throw your matches away! This little USB powered device will light your fire or your fag even in the strongest wind.

I have used an electric arc lighter before and I have to say I always get a childish delight from using them. This new one from Oladwolf is just as much fun to use as the others!

The lighter arrived well packaged in a stylish presentation box belying the £10.99 price and making it doubly attractive as a gift. Inside the box was the lighter itself together with a short but good quality USB to micro-USB charging cable. Don’t worry about losing the cable as any standard micro-USB cable will work just as well. Simple instructions are included repeated in small and hard to read type on the box.

Build quality is excellent with the device body made from high-grade matt finish plastic with the gooseneck itself from metal. The device has a quality look and feel to it that belies the current Amazon price of £10.99. On the side is a locking on/off switch, important to prevent the device from being switched on accidentally from the ignition button next to it. The USB 2 charging port is on the end of the unit.

Using the device is perfectly simple. First, fully charge the Lithium-ion battery until all the blue status LEDs are lit . We are warned not to overcharge to protect the battery. . The description says that up to 500 ignitions can be obtained from one charge, which is quite a bit better than the rival devices I have tried. Slide the power switch to On and press the adjacent button to obtain a spark, which in fact is not actually a spark but a tiny electrical discharge between the two terminals on the end of the gooseneck. The gooseneck can be rotated and bent to shape as required for use in awkward locations. I was unsure how well it would work but in fact as my video shows it instantly lit my test candle.

The Good
Good Price
Attractive Design
Works Well
Uses standard micro-USB charging
Flexible Gooseneck

The Bad
Non-retractable neck
No storage bag

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