JUOYOU 10M RGB LED Lighting Strip

Christmas will be here soon, the season of fairy lights, it is maybe time to start looking around for easy ways to illuminate the house ready for the festive season. This kit from JUOYOU contains all you need to get going and allows for room for expansion later and for year round use.

In the attractive box, large enough to return the contents to for storage, were two 5 M 150 LED light strips, UK power supply, 44 key remote control, a control box with two output plugs, two connecting plugs for cut lighting strips, 6 sticky back mounts, UK power adapter, and a single sheet user guide. The User Guide is short but well printed and easy to read and I include a scan of it on my unboxing video.

The first to say is for most users you may not need to use the extras included here. Unless you wish to cut the LED strip to custom lengths, fit the plugs to it and make a fully custom setup – and all you need to do that is included here – you will not need it. The control box included with this kit will support up to two LED strips connected to it from the single power supply and cut strips can be daisy chained to it. The remote control is larger than most and uses radio to connect to the control box, so can be used over greater distances and without the need for a line of sight connection.

To use the kit with each strip then simply align the arrow on the plug of the LED strip to that on either of the output ports from the control box, connect it to the power supply and turn it on. You can trim the LED strips to length being careful to cut with scissors along the indicated points every few inches on the LED strip. LED strips are cheap and easy to buy online and so I prefer to buy additional strips with plugs premounted and cut them to length. You can also connect both strips to make one long 10m strip which can be powered by either of the control box outlets.

The fitted LED strips if discreetly mounted can be left in place for future festive occasions, otherwise, they can be carefully removed and returned to the box for next year.

Once mounted the lighting can be controlled through the supplied radio remote control – a big advance over the simple infrared remotes – and a vast range of colours and colour changing sequences can be found. The control box also has a physical button which can be used to scroll through the available light options. You can save your favourite sequences to three programmable keys, or even use the four music keys to link the patterns to music detected by the microphone inside the control box.

Everything you need for a home lighting display is included here and at a very attractive price too of£23.99.

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