OGUARD Sonic Electric Toothbrush S501

I can remember when budget products were seen as poor relations of the Big Name high street brands. Not so now and not so here as this new toothbrush seems to me to be every bit as good as the premium rivals.

The item arrived beautifully packaged and presented and looked like it could easily have come from Philips, Braun or any market leader.

Inside the box was the toothbrush itself, slimline and rather elegant, along with eight brush heads, a charging cable, carry case and an English only User Guide. I enclose a scan of the User Guide on the end of my unboxing video. Flip to full screen and pause as needed to read it. Build quality seems fine and this device has a premium look and feel to it.

The brush is exquisitely designed with the handle and to a lesser degree the charging base both things of beauty. The handle is perfect for me and sits nicely in the hand. The toothbrush when in use is virtually silent when any of the four modes are used. This is one of the quietest toothbrushes I have used and is very unlikely to awaken the household when used at night. Personally, I just use the Clean mode which I find suits me fine but there are also Smart, Sensitive, Whitening, modes available.

What is Smart Mode?
One unique feature of this brush is Smart Mode. In this mode, the brush automatically adjusts vibration methods according to your brushing movement.

Looking at the unit, at the top below the drive shaft head, is the single On/Off button with under it the travel lock indicator. In line below are buttons for the cleaning modes: Clean, Smart, Sensitive, Whitening, each with a status light. At the bottom is the power indicator LED. On the base is the grommet protected USB-C charging port.

This is the first brush I have seen that uses the new USB-C port to charge from, USB-C is the new standard and is easier to use as the plug can be inserted either way up and is a big advance from the non-standard and easily lost cables still used in older brushes. A USB-C cable is included although no power adapter, no matter as they can be found everywhere now. Charging takes around six hours but the 1800mAh battery can give a remarkable 150 days of normal use and up to five months on standby.

Using the unit is perfectly simple, just switch on and select the mode you require. The brush will then run through a two-minute cleaning cycle with 30-second alerts and turn off automatically. Inverting and shaking the brush will also turn it off, no need to press the button. To prevent mishaps when travelling the brush can be locked by just pressing the power button for five seconds, do the same to unlock, in each case the brush will vibrate and the lights flash in confirmation. The brush is IPX7 water-resistant, so if you drop it in the bath it is no big deal.

This is an attractive and elegant device as good as the equivalent Big Name brand equivalent but at a far more reasonable price.

The Good
Good price
Attractive design
Attractive presentation
Almost silent operation
Five operating modes
30-second alerts

The Bad
No Power Adapter

More info and purchase