AHomeTeck Smart Posture Corrector Pro

When I was a boy my mum always told me to stand up straight and to slouch. Now, many years later and as part of a weight loss and health plan, I am going to do something about it.

I have tried other posture correctors in the past but they have been awkward to wear, uncomfortable and not very effective. This new ‘smart’ device from AHomeTeck is new and different from the old-style rivals in several ways.

The product arrived very well presented with a posh, upmarket look and feel to it that belied the modest £16.99 price. Inside was the posture corrector itself, charging cable and multiple user guides, including one in English.

This posture corrector fits like a backpack over the shoulders and around the chest to push the back gently into an upright position. Unlike with previous units, here there are no steel rods or corset-like waist straps to force the body upright. The new lightweight unit relies on science with an adjustable control pod on the back that alerts the user with vibrations to ‘stand up straight’.

The pod is powered by an internal 380mAH battery charged through a micro USB port in the bottom of the pod. Charging time takes around three hours. The unit has a large combined LED status light and power button: red for Low/Charging, green for Charged, blue for Operating.

To use the corrector, first put it on as you would a backpack, tighten the straps to a firm but comfortable setting and then as you sit or stand upright press and hold the button on the control pod for a few second to allow the pod to record and memorise your correct posture. It will give three short and one long vibration to confirm the measurement. Then with the unit turned on a vibration will alert you when you move away from the correct posture by more than 25 degrees. After a while, you can wear the unit with the power off and still get benefit from it.

The lightweight design and lack of excess straps mean that the support is perfectly comfortable to wear for protracted periods. It is best worn on top of a T-Shirt or vest and when worn with a pullover or jacket on top it is not noticeable.

As to how well it works, only time will tell, but it already seems to be doing some good even after a few days of wearing it for a couple of hours each day.

Slouchers out there may well find this is worth taking a chance on.

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