Tunery Heated Socks

I suffer from Raynaud’s disease, which in my case is a mild but annoying condition causing my feet and hands to be cold even when the outside temperature is very warm. I gave these socks a try to see how much they could help.

In the attractive branded box are the socks, two battery boxes and an easy to read and well-printed user guide. Build quality feels fine, the socks themselves are thick and warm and serve very well winter socks without even plugging them in.

At the top of each sock is a pocket for the battery which fits snugly in place and feels unlikely to work loose. The two battery boxes hold three AA batteries each and connect with a short lightweight cable hard-wired to the sock. Each battery box has a separate On/Off switch and power status LED.

The socks can be worn as normal and the heating turned off and on when needed as the switch can be quickly and easily accessed. When turned on the heating starts gently from the sole of the foot and works its way up. The heat is by not super powerful but it is effective on a cold day.

The suppliers say that rechargeable batteries should be used and this really does make sense. Rechargeable batteries deliver more power over a shorter period and thus will generate more heat. Also, with one set of batteries lasting just four to five hours of sustained use, it would not make economic sense to use regular batteries.

Priced at £25.99, they are are not inexpensive but these are warm and comfortable socks, perfectly good in their own right, but on cold days with the power switched on they are worth their weight in gold.

The Good
Great Build Quality
Soft, Thick Material
Good Battery Storage
Nice Packaging

The Bad
Wiring Cannot Be Removed
Short Battery Life
Could Be Hotter
Hand Wash Only

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