DUTISON Crystal Ball Music Box

I have to say that I was not expecting much from this music box, I have tried several similar items and all had been OK, but nothing more. In fact, this little music box is perfectly charming and well worth the £39.99 Amazon price.

In the attractive unbranded product box are the music box, crystal globe, and charging cable, all well packaged and protected within foam inserts. Build quality seems fine, robust, well made with an artisan-made feel to it. The music box itself could be improved perhaps with a coating to the bare wood and a more discreet and less utilitarian power switch. The globe itself really is a thing of beauty and has some real weight to it being made from solid crystal or glass, so take care not to drop it.

The music box consists of a wooden base that sits on a clockwork mechanism that when wound up rotates the base and plays a tune. It is a proper mechanical music box and not just a cheap speaker. The globe sits on top of the music box and rotates with it illuminated by a warm white 12 LED array inside the base. The box has an internal rechargeable battery for the LED light. To wind up the clockwork mechanism, take hold of the music box (remove the globe first!) and rotate the metal disc the wooden base sits on, two or three turns should be OK and take care not to overwind.

The globe has a 3D effect as it rotates and certainly catches the eye. It does more than just looks good, as it rotates it casts a circular pattern on to the ceiling which adds greatly to the atmosphere of the room. The music from the box is also good, charming and atmospheric and not the cheesy brash musical cliche I expected. The whole effect is both charming and delightful. The projected light is powerful enough to give subtle illumination to a room and works well as a night light.

Drawbacks? Well, being clockwork the rotation and music only last for about a minute. Although I like the authentic music box music, it is a pity that the rotation of the box is not electrically powered, it would be great to be able to leave the box permanently rotating. Also, although the box can be charged from any USB port, it uses a non-standard cable to do so, so take care not to mislay it!

Those minor criticisms aside, this is a charming and delightful little music box and although not cheap at nearly £40, it is well made and offers an authentic music box sound and adds an old-world atmosphere to the room.

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