ESDDI TP-60 Camera Tripod

This compact, well made and versatile tripod from ESDDI is perfect for travel use as it offers full control over camera positioning, is quick and easy to set up and takes up minimal space. With three leg extensions and two centre column extensions, it offers the greatest length expansion of any I have tried.

In the box are the tripod, a padded soft carry case, shoulder strap, ball and socket head with quick release plate, adjustment screw, Allen key, phone Clamp and a well written and easy to read User Guide. Everything seems well made and as robust as can be expected for the price with lightweight aluminium design and nothing looking likely to fail anytime soon. The legs of the tripod are made from lightweight aluminium alloy, which makes it great for travel use, with the leg extension clips are made from ABS plastic. The ball head assembly again is almost all metal. With a more expensive studio tripod, including those higher up the ESDDI range, I would expect to see a heavier gauge metal, but this is a mid-range tripod designed for travel use and the lightweight build here makes more sense.

The tripod is easy and very quick to set up, a boon when on location, and the ball head and smooth gearing makes it particularly suited for that use. The inclusion of the phone mount also makes clear the intended market and the times we live in. The tripod is lightweight and lacks leg braces, although there is a hanging hook for additional stability and I would say this tripod is best suited for DSLR with standard to medium size lenses. This is offset against the small size of the device at just 58 cm (23″)when fully retracted. The tripod extends up to a full 200 cm, (79″) although for maximum stability at this height the tripod is best weighted using the hanging hook. The legs will all fully depress with a locking mechanism and the head can be completely reversed to mount beneath the tripod for close-up work. It is possible to fully remove one leg so it can serve as a separate monopod with a full extension of 208cm (81.8 “)

The ball head can be removed from the tripod and replaced with a video head when needed but for stills work the supplied head is fine. Like the tripod, it is well made and has the feel of a well engineered quality piece of kit. The quick-release plate is good too as it clips in place from the side, which I prefer to the older front/rear slide system.

In general, I am very happy with the tripod as it is quick and easy to use, offers good stability, is well made and thoughtfully designed. This is an excellent lightweight travel tripod, suitable for amateur or some professional use and at just can only be looked on as well priced indeed at just £69.99.

The Good
Small Retracted Size
Extended Height
Quick Release Plate
Padded Case
Hanging Hook
Phone Clamp Mount
Removable Head

The Bad
Slightly Unstable at Full Elevation

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