LUXJET RGB Remote Control Floor Lamp

The is a remarkable feature floor lamp let down only by a rather lightweight build quality. It looks great in position and is simple and easy to use thanks to the included comprehensive remote control and the current price of £36.99 is pretty attractive too.

In the box was the floor lamp itself, credit card type remote control, UK power supply unit, and a well written and easy to read the user guide. Build quality is generally fine but I would have been happier with a heavy grade of plastic used for the lamp surround, the current one, no doubt to help with manufacturing and reduce costs, is very light weight and bent to fit the circular shape of the base and top. Take care when handling it. It is perforated with holes are varying sizes to give the effect of twinkling stars as you walk past and certainly looks the part. Top and bottom are stainless steel look discs, which add to the futuristic effect. A short cable protrudes from the bottom to connect to the power supply cable.

The lamp is good and bright, but I find it looks best dialled down which gives it a more subtle effect and blends in nicely into the room. Of course, it is more than bright enough to be used as a basic light source with two preset white colour settings as well as the option to scroll and select your own. It also offers the usual range of colour options, single colours and various colour morphing selections. The overall impression is very impressive and the ‘Light Column’ name used in the user guide is not inaccurate.

This a great looking lamp that can serve as a room feature as well as a basic light source.

The Good
Great Looks
Clever Design
Good Price
Remote Control

The Bad
Lightweight Construction
No Alexa integration.

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