Sehawei Handheld USB Microphone

Although marketed at Nintendo Switch users, in fact, this budget microphone from Sehawei will work with pretty much any suitable device with a USB input including the Windows 10 PC I tested it with.

In the not unattractive box was the microphone. Nothing more, no user guide or datasheet, so there is no way of knowing any technical parameters of the device. Build quality seems fine for the price. The mic is lightweight, but seems to made of metal and does not feel like a toy. It comes with a generous 3m of heavy-duty cable hard-wired into the mic with a standard USB plug on the other. The mic seems to top facing cardioid polar pattern, so speak into the top of the mic for best results. No pop filter is included although one is clearly needed.

Sound quality is not bad at all for the price. I found the audio to have a decent low end although lacking a bit in the mid and high end with plenty of plosives – what a pity no pop filter was included – with the output level but slightly lower than I would be preferred. That boils down to being acceptable if slightly muffled sound. I have heard many worse mics than this.

This is a reasonable quality low-end mic and you would be hard pressed to find a better for the £13.99 asking price.

The Good
Good Price
Good Build Quality
Good Presentation
3m Robust Cable

The Bad
Poor Mid/High End
No Pop Filter
No Carry case

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