HYLOGY U81U Blood Pressure Monitor 

This newly updated upper arm blood pressure monitor from HYLOGY, an increasing player in the home health industry, is well priced at the current £30.98 Amazon listing as it has a couple of interesting features that raise it above the many rivals available and is at the higer end of the Hylogy range of blood pressure monitors.

I used to use a cheap wrist position BP monitor but I was not confident in the accuracy of the results which seem to vary depending on how I positioned my wrist. My GP loaned me an upper arm cuff monitor which seemed so much easier to use and more consistently accurate I was impressed by the accuracy and ease of use and so looked around for one myself. I was found this model from HYLOGY , so I was interested in seeing how it stood up to the NHS approved original.

In the box can be found the monitor itself, arm cuff, and User Guide. As to be expected from HYLOGY, build quality is first-rate with nothing looking likely to fail and with an attention to detail too many others lack. No batteries were included.

The device is powered by four AAA batteries but has a USB-C power in port on one side so an external PSU can be used. The cuff is well made and robust with a steel ring and velcro fastening and a generous length of tubing. The cuff with fit arms 8.6 to 16.5 inches in circumference (22-42 cm. Remember to keep the large velcro pad on the outside when fitting. It has built-in memory which supports up to two users and automatically records up to ninety readings per user after which it overwrites the oldest. Sadly, there is no provision to export the recorded data. The monitor can display results in kPa and the more common mmHg formats.

Most upper arm blood pressure monitors are pretty much the same, including those from HYLOGY, but this one has two stand out features. Firstly USB-C power in, to replace the four aaa batteries otherwise needed. Secondly, the stunning full-colour LCD display, the best I have seen on any BP monitor.

At the bottom of the large and bright colour LCD screen are buttons for User Selection, Start/Stop and Settings. On one side of the unit is the USB-C power-in socket and on the other the port for the inflatable cuff. On the base is the battery compartment for the three AA batteries needed to power the device. The screen displays icons for User ID, battery charge, Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure, pulse rate, pulse icon, memory, memory status. There is a colourful verticle graph to indicate pressure reading status, from green to red. Should abnormal blood pressure or arrhythmia be detected an alert will display

Fit the cuff to the left arm with the tube facing down. Press START/STOP, the cuff inflates and a reading is taken and shown on the screen, the HEART symbol pulsates and the current heart rate is displayed. The last 90 readings for each User are automatically stored in the memory.

Comparing it to the rather less expensive unit supplied to me by the NHS I have to say that the results are broadly comparable and well within the normal variance expected between readings. Most upper arm blood pressure monitors are pretty much the same, including those from HYLOGY, but this one has a stunning full-colour LCD display, the best I have seen on any BP monitor which makes it easier and more enjoyable to use.

That aside this is otherwise a pretty standard monitor, it works well, is quick and easy to use, has the two users 90 stage memory that all but the most basic models now have. The only features lacking, for me, are the lack of a storage case and the inability to export data.

This is a fine quality blood pressure monitor, that is easy to use, reliable and looks great.

This unit is not expensive but there are many even cheaper alternatives available. However, the others lack the premium feel of this model as they do the colour display and USB-C option. This is an excellent device, well made, robust and simple to use and worth paying a little more for.

The Good
Accurate Results
Great Build Quality
Large clear LED Screen
Easy to use
Two User Option
Memory Function
USB-C power option
Arrhythmic Irregularity Alert

The Bad
Batteries not included
No Carry Case
No Data Export

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