BRAVEDGE Kitchen Knife Set

This set of two Japanese style Santuko knives from BRAVEDGE, is priced at just £34.99, a good price for a good quality knife set, but are these any good?

So what is a Santoku knife?
It seems it is a general-purpose Japanese kitchen knife, deriving from 三徳包丁, or ‘three virtues’ in Japanese. The Santoku knife is shorter, lighter, thinner, and has more hardened steel in the tradition of Samurai sword steel than a traditional Western chef’s knife. Of course, how far this new knife set from BRAVEDGE, embodies this, I cannot say, I can only say that they are all mega sharp.

In the stylish presentation box are the knives themselves, a tough plastic tip protector for each knife and a short user guide. The set consists of 8″ Chef’s Knife, 8″ and a 7″ Santoku Knife. Build quality throughout, for the knives and even the box is first-rate and this is clearly a prestige set.

The knives all have ergonomically designed one-piece integral steel handles, and high carbon quality coated stainless steel blades. The handle and blade of each Knife are formed from a single piece of steel and it sits smoothly in the hand and with the blade nicely balanced.

Caring for the knife, as with any precision instrument, is important and although these are described as being dishwasher safe, it is recommended for best results to wash carefully in warm water with a soft cloth. It is also suggested that when sharpening a knife to always do so at an angle of around 15 degrees to the whetstone or sharpening tool.

What all this boils down to is that this is one of the sharpest and easiest to use kitchen knife sets I have ever handled. There may be better, I am no chef and don’t have much experience of kitchen knives, but I suspect you would have to look long and hard to find a better set and may much more than the price asked for this one. The only drawback for me is the lack of a protective sheath for the knives or a wall mount, features I would be happy to pay more for.

One thing I would say, having handled these knives, is that if you know any Japanese chefs, always keep on their good side.

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