Elegant Life Bamboo Chopping Board

This large and attractive chopping board from Elegant Life arrived simply packaged in a robust recyclable plain cardboard box. Inside the box was just the chopping board itself, cling wrapped for protection and with a nicely designed information sheet wrap.

The board, 44 x 30 x 1.9 cm in size and weighing in at 1.61Kg, is made entirely from 100% organic bamboo wood which has a natural resistance to bacteria and microbes. It is naturally moisture resistant and pooling liquids will not soak through the wood. Bamboo is softer than most woods and far less like to damage expensive knife blades.

The board is double-sided so meat and vegetables can be processed separately if required. The main food processing side has three recessed compartments, handy to keep items separate, as well as a deep groove along three sides to prevent juices or fluids from reaching the tabletop. The board also has an easy-grip carrying slot on one side.

Cleaning after use could not be simpler. Just wipe down with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry after use. Do not wash it in the dishwasher.

One of the main selling points of the board is the attractive design and the smooth, warm, splinter-free feel of the bamboo wood. The board is easily attractive enough to double as a serving board with the recessed compartments adding to the usefulness in this regard.

The current price of £16.99 is good considering the large size of the board and the care and thought put into the design, manufacture and presentation.

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