okcsc U250 USB Earphones

Priced at just £12.90 this new pair of USB earbuds from okcsc are certainly not expensive and fall into the budget category but in fact, they have more going for them than you might think and not the least of which is the really rather decent sound quality.

The headset arrived packaged in a plain and simple branded product box along with a pair of foam-padded bud covers and a cable clip. Sadly, no carry case or user guide was included.

Build quality seems fine for the price. The earbuds have an attractive gloss black finish with stainless steel headlining, the cord has a black rubberised anti-tangle finish and seems pretty robust. The in-line control box is a decent size and has large and easy to find raised buttons.

In use, it again was excellent for the price. The earbuds were a good fit and did not project out from the ears. The in-line control box is intuitive and easy enough to use. The single button toggles the microphone off and on, the slider controls the audio volume and is smooth and accurate in use.

As regards sound quality again I was pleasantly surprised. The headset has excellent audio quality with plenty of bass and detailed and crisp highlights and mid-tones. There is no clipping or distortion just a clean flat sound.

The main selling points for this headset, aside from the excellent audio quality, must be the use of a USB plug, the first I have seen for in-ear headphones, and the extra-long 2.5m anti-tangle cable.

I would have preferred a thicker cord and an even more robust build quality but I doubt if you will find better sound quality from an in-ear headset at this price.

The Good
Great Price
Good Sound Quality
In-Line Controls
Mic Mute Button

The Bad
Poor Presentation

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