Cumay Super Absorbent Non Slip Doormat

There is not much to say about a doormat other than it does or does not do the job. This one does.

Supplied in a plain unbranded vacuum-packed bag the mat came with no paperwork or instructions, which is good as none are needed.

Build quality seems fine, the mat looks and feels like a 50×80 cm rectangle of a good heavy-duty carpet of the sort used in offices or public places. The mat has a pile depth of around 1cm with a seamed binding around the edge to prevent fraying or splitting. The reverse of the carpet has a thick ribbed rubber surface to prevent the mat from skidding on smooth floors, this works well and once in place the mat shows little sign of moving when walked upon.

We have our mat positioned on the inside of the conservatory door to protect the carpets inside the house from mud and worse on the feet of our two dogs. As the video shows, this does seem to work as the dogs like to pause (!) on the mat before fully entering the house.

The mat can be cleaned when needed and it is recommended to do so with a hand wash only in warm water and then to drip dry without ironing – who would want to iron a doormat?

Priced at £17.66 this is not particularly cheap but it is a good size, well made, and seems to get the job done. Hopefully, it should prove to be a good long term buy

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