Vistefly VXB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The new Vistefly VXB Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a range of interchangeable heads, an extension tube, wall mount, UK power adapter, replaceable battery, spare filter, and a well written and easy to read user guide, all presented in a plain but robust cardboard box.

The device of necessity is lightweight at just 2.5Kg, but seems well made and robust and can be almost fully disassembled for cleaning. It has a 5 Stage Filtration system including two replaceable washable filters, one with HEPA filtration. The unit is battery powered with a replaceable Li-ion 2200MaH battery which can be charged in place or removed from the cleaner. It has three power levels with a maximum 23.6Kpa powerful suction performance. It defaults to the middle power setting which gives around 32 minutes of use, the eco setting giving up to 50 minutes and around 13 minutes in high power mode following a charge of three to four hours from flat. Select the power level using the red button on the motor unit.

It has three interchangeable cleaning heads:

Floor Head.
This is a pretty standard floor cleaning head with a motorised rotating brush and LED lights. The head can swivel side to side as well as forwards and back which can give it something of a mind of its own at times but it works well when used with the extension tube.

Brush Head
This is smaller than the Floor Head, with a pivoting front face to maintain a close seal for maximum suction and again has a motorised rotating brush. This works great for handheld use on stairs, furniture, bed covers and other locations where maximum power is needed.

2 in 1 Combination Tool
This small head is not motorised and is more like a brush in operation but the brush head can be retracted give reveal a broad open nozzle.

Also included a standard crevice tool and this like the other heads just clicks on and off with a large easy to see red locking button.

The cleaner has been designed with ease of use in mind and with that in mind cleaning the device could not be simpler. The main dust container has an easy access release button on one end and can be upended and emptied when attached or separated from the motor module. For more thorough cleaning the dirt container can be removed from the motor with a simple release button for rinsing under the tap. This reveals the filter pad on the motor end which can again be removed for cleaning under the tap. On the other end of the motor unit is the washable HEPA filter which can be simply removed by rotating the black end panel of the motor unit.

The cleaner comes with a simple wall mount which allows the device to be stored neatly for charging, with the extension tube and one cleaning head in place with the other two heads in brackets next to it.

This is perhaps the most powerful battery cleaner I have used in the price range and although it does not equal a premium mains powered unit it can certainly cope with most household tasks. We use it for daily cleaning top-ups and to supplement our high-end cleaner for full cleaning sessions. The ease of use and light weight makes it almost a pleasure to use!

For the current price of £159, this is an excellent buy.

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