Victure PC440 1080P Security Camera

The PC440 is part of a new range of smart security cameras from Victure, a fast-growing name in the tech world, but for the budget price of £24.99, what do they have to offer?

In the well designed mid-market box are the camera, UK Power adapter, USB cable, double-sided sticky mount and a short but well-written user guide. Although compact and lightweight, everything seems pretty robust and well made.

The camera is small-sized and follows the square format used by many new budget cameras with on the front the lens, microphone, and status LED with the reset button, micro-USB power port and speaker grill on the back. On one side is the micro-USB card slot and on the other the mounting hole to reposition the camera base.

To use this and other Victure cameras the new and well designed smartphone app Victure Home is needed. The app is designed to be the heart of the new Victure ecosystem and can also be used with plugs, lights, home gadgets and appliances the company plan to produce. The app integrates with Alexa and Google Home to allow full voice control. Using the app to configure the camera could not be simpler and the app walks you through the whole procedure with visual and auditory confirmations. Two setup methods are offered, the first and easiest has the camera scanning a QR code generated by the app containing your wifi details, the alternative method is to connect your phone to a wifi hotspot generated by the camera and input the wifi details that way. My video shows the first setup method in use. A wide range of detailed settings are available and it is worthwhile delving deep into the app to find them.

Once configured the camera offers good quality 1080p video with audio at around 15-20fps. It supports two-way audio to allow for intercom use. It can be motion or audio-triggered and saves video to the Victure cloud, the smartphone or to a micro-SD card of up to 64b in the camera. The camera offers motion detection and this can be set to operate both with user-designed zones within the 120° field of view of the camera and to a schedule.

This new camera from Victure has a lot to offer for the low price but is entering a market already crowded with budget-priced cameras, however, this one is at least as good as any other I have tried and well worth a second look.

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