Musonic No Pull Dog Harness

Poppy’s chest harness had been getting a bit tight on her for some time as she has put on a bit of weight as she gets older, so it was time to get a new harness. Sizing can be tricky and so I did not want to pay out too much in case it did not fit.

The harness came with a standard size lead and both the lead and harness seem well made, tough, and robust. Although I was careful to measure Poppy before ordering the appropriate size the harness is still rather loose around the neck although it fits here well enough around the chest and feels good and secure. No problems with the build quality, the harness is less bulky and constrictive than some I have seen and lighter in weight but seems to do the job well enough. When she is in it she cannot choke herself like she used to with a normal collar, all the strain goes on to her chest and although she can still pull just as hard if not harder than before, she cannot hurt herself.

For just £12.56 this seems a good buy considering you get both a harness and lead. It is not a perfect fit but that must surely vary from dog to dog. For the low cost, this seems a very decent buy.

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