Roffie Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Most massagers use a vibrating oscillating action but this newly updated model from Roffie uses a 10mm stroke percussive technique which said to be better for the deep tissue massage often needed by athletes. For this reason, the $99.99 device is perhaps targeted at the sports market as much as the health.

In the attractive product, box can be found the massage gun itself, four fearsome-looking heads, a charging cable, Quick Start Guide, and a well printed and informative User Guide. Also included is a robust semi-rigid carry case with customed shaped inserts. Build quality is first-rate and the massage gun looks well capable of standing up to hours of use in the gym and at home.

The massager features a 1600m battery charged using any high power USB port. I was pleased to see that an up to date USB-C charging port is used but be sure to use a USB port with a 2A or better output, to ensure the device charges correctly. If charging from flat the device needs at least a 15% charge before the status LED comes on and the massager can be used.

The four heads, each with descriptive names – U-shaped, Bullet, T-shaped, and Ball – just click and twist in place and are just as easy to remove. On the U-shaped head remember to align the markers to fit. They are each designed to target specific areas: Ball Head mainly used for large muscle groups and suitable for arms, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, Bullet Head Suitable for meridians, palms, soles, T-shaped applicable to most parts of your body, and U-shaped suitable for neck, spine, Achilles tendon, etc. The gun has three-speed settings between 1600 -2800 rpm, with the speeds confirm by an LED row on the handgrip. The device is powered on and the massage level set using the single button again on the rear handgrip and operates with minimal noise at all speeds. The gun will turn off automatically after fifteen minutes of inactivity.

This device can be used both before and after workouts, to tone and soothe strained muscles or to prepare for a strenuous exercise session. Take care only to use on soft tissue areas and not directly on to hard or bony areas or on the head. Commonsense must tell you to also to avoid bruised or painful areas. When in operation take care to keep your fingers away from the gap between the oscillating head and the body. This is not an error you will make more than once.

The effect of using the unit is immediate and dramatic and due to the power of the device, it should be used with care. It does a good job of imitating the pummelling massage technique often used in sports therapy and does seem to work for specific toning techniques. Note that the massager will automatically stop after 10 minutes of sustained use to prevent possible tissue damage.

What is the difference between this unit and the more expensive rivals? Not a great deal in fact: this one has a slightly smaller battery, slower top speed, lacks colour LEDs, has single button control and feels less hefty than the more expensive alternatives.

It is not an inexpensive device but it is built to professional standards if not for Pro use and should last for years. If you need this sort of sports massager, I doubt you will find a better one

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