LucaSng Ionic Shower Head Kit

I was not expecting too much from this product bearing the price in mind but in fact, I was rather pleasantly surprised.

In the box was the showerhead itself, hosepipe and a wall mount. No separate instructions are included but all you need to know can be found on the box.

Build quality seems excellent. the showerhead is made from heavy duty but lightweight plastic with an aluminium 250 hole laser-cut nozzle outlet, the lighter weight being important for a device with a self-adhesive wall mount such as this. The hosepipe and the wall mount are made from lightweight metal and seem equally well made. The wall mount is metal but has a rubber base with a peel-off sticky back for quick and simple wall mounting.

The head features a large silver plastic button to pause the water flow at the current temperature without needing to touch the main shower or tap controls. On the top of the showerhead is a three button rocker switch to select the current spray mode: Pulse, Wave or Spray. The three modes change from a centre weighted flow to medium or wide patterns,. The rocker switch is plastic and feels a bit flimsy but works well enough. The entire head unit can be removed leaving the tube to be used as a simple hosepipe but with the pause button still functioning. The showerhead also features a water softening feature using tiny balls of activated carbon, tourmaline anion and calcium sulfite but living in a soft water area I am unable to attest to how well this works.

The showerhead works well and gives a more powerful and wider spray than our old one although is slightly larger and a touch more unwieldy in the hand but the instant off switch and spray selection more than makes up for this.

If you need a budget priced versatile show head assembly with water softening then this could be just what you need.

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