Solar Mason Jar Garden Lights – 4 Pack

This simple but nicely made set of solar garden lights takes the form of four mason jars with solar panels incorporated into the lids and copper wire LED strings within.

The pack comes very nicely presented in an attractive box suitable for gifting with the four jars separately packaged Within. Along with the jars, the only other item inside is a short and but attractively printed user guide.

Build quality is excellent with the jars almost identical to real mason jars each having glass bodies, along with screw fit metal lids and carry handles. Inside we see a few changes with a compartment in the lid revealing a replaceable AAA rechargeable battery, a simple turret Off/On switch and the short 30 LED copper LED light string. Build quality all seems fine with the jars as tough as any other glass jar and the electronics again on a par with those in similar products.

Light sensors are incorporated into the solar panel lids and when set to On the light strings will illuminate when it grows dark and turn off when the sun comes out. Take note that when the switch is turned Off the solar panel itself will stop charging.

There is not much more to it than that. Just leave the jars, fully IP65 waterproof, outside in the sun and at night you will be rewarded with a twinkling display of pinpoint LED stars.

Priced at £27.18 they seem a good buy to me and will lend some atmosphere and charm to your garden or patio.

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