Domo Ice Cream Maker Pro DO9066L

It was my boyhood dream to own an ice cream maker but the separate freezer types always seemed more trouble than they were worth and integrated freezer models too large and expensive.

Say Hello to the Domo Ice Cream Maker Pro DO9066L.

When I bought it this 1.5Ltr machine had been reduced to £133 with the DO9201L 2Ltr companion model at £278. Now, just a week later, the 1.5Ltr machine is £277 and the 2Ltr still at £278. No, I don’t understand it either.

In the large and attractively designed box was the machine itself, a measuring jug, plastic spatula and a user guide. The build quality of the machine seems first-rate and to professional standards. The casing and buttons are of stainless steel with a large backlit LCD screen. The mixing bowl is also of metal although the stirrer is plastic but again both are robust and built to last. The measuring jug is OK but has gradations almost impossible to read, the spatula is lightweight plastic but custom designed to fit the freezing bowl and makes the difficult task of getting the ice cream out much less troublesome. The user guide is poorly printed and poorly translated but this is not too much of a problem as the machine is by no means complicated to use.

Operating the machine is indeed easy enough. There are some basic recipes included in the guide book and they basically tell you to mix up the ingredients in a jug and then add them to the Ice machine’s mixing bowl, the bowl is removable and ingredients can be added away from the machine but to avoid problems aligning the bowl spindle it is best done with the bowl in place.

There are just 4 buttons. The power button turns the machine on although it does not yet operate and the numerals 00 display in a non-backlit screen. With the ingredients in the bowl and the lid in place now set the desired time using the Time + and – buttons and press the Start/Stop button. The screen lights up, counts down the remaining time and shows the freezer temperature and the mixing/freezing will start. You can increase or decrease the time remaining as the freezing/mixing process is taking place and indeed doing so will give you the best final result. The maximum setting on the timer is one hour and at the end of which, or whatever time you have set, the alarm will sound and the mixing/freezing process will stop. After the alarm has sounded the machine will keep the mixture at the current temperature for a further hour. If the mixture freezes too quickly and the mixing blade cannot turn then it will stop automatically but continue to hold the mixture at the current temperature.

I found that a full 1.5ltr standard or vanilla ice cream mixture took around thirty minutes. Varying the amount and consistency of the mixture will change the time needed and again it is best to monitor this at first for best results and learn from experience. Changing the operating times also allows you to make Gelato, Sorbet, and Frozen Yoghurt.

Aside from the size of the mixing bowl and the price what are the differences between this and the 2Ltr machine? The two machines are pretty much the same size and I suspect use the same compressor motor but the 2Ltr has more freezing options. The 1/5ltr machine has a single operating mode with the only variable being the time. the 2 Ltr offers mixing only and freezing only options in addition to the basic ice cream mode. At the time of writing with only a small difference in price between the machines I would be inclined to go for the bigger model, but if the former price gap returns then for most users I would advise buying the cheaper one. Remember, when I bought it my machine was just £133 and the 2 Ltr £278.

The results from the machine really are outstanding. The ice cream is thick, entirely free from ice crystals and easy to spoon. the taste is fantastic too, but of course, that depends on the recipe with those in the book relying mainly on cream and sugar!

This is a fantastic machine that allows delicious ice cream to made very quickly. Indeed, the short turnaround time is one of the best features with as little as thirty minutes needed between adding the ingredients and tucking in. For the price I paid this is a great buy, much less so at the new price which surely must be soon reduced again. When that great day comes again, do not hesitate to buy. With this machine in it, your life may never be the same again.

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