imodomio Submersible LED Light

Although simple to operate this little pool light from imodomio is rather cleverly designed and gives you quite a good deal for the £14.89 price.

In the box can be found the pool light, remote control, charging cable, two sucker mounts, and a well written and easy to read user guide. Build quality all seems fine with both the light and credit card sized remote made from robust plastic.

The unit has a built-in 1000mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery powered through the USB port on the base and protected from water by a large hexagonal grommet seal. One three hour charge should give at least seven hours of constant use.

On the base of the light is a detachable plastic arm and this used as a wrench to tighten or release the grommet seal protecting the USB charging port on the underside of the light. It also holds the metal flotation weight in place which needs to be removed to allow the light unit to float. The two small sucker mounts also attach to the arm to allow the light to be stuck to the pool walls. The lamp is also magnetic and can be attached to any suitable metal surface. Also on the base is the three-position operating switch, which can be set to On, Off and open (to remove the arm).

The light features 18 LEDs, a mixture of white and RGB and all controlled from the remote control, there is no way to manual control the colours so take care not to lose the remote. A range of colour combinations, patterns and dimming levels can be set from the remote, which uses radio to connect and has a range of up to 19 meters in normal use and ten metres underwater. Although the light is waterproof I do not think the remote control is so do not take it in the pool with you. Because it is radio based no line of sight is needed to the light for the remote to function. Should you purchase additional lights they can all be controlled together from the same remote control.

The light works very well indeed and much care has clearly gone into the design to ensure that it does. The use of an expensive radio remote is certainly a welcome bonus not expected for the low price.

This is an excellent little light, well made, robust, works well well with some very clever design features and all in all a great buy for the low price.

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