POOPHUNS Planet Star Projector Night Light

I have tried quite a few of these star projectors and although they all have the same core technology they do vary in the specific features they offer, This new model from POOPHUNSi is no exception but is smaller in size than most of the rivals as well as offering planet images although the price of just £35.99 is pretty much in line with the rest.

The new model has the often used rounded design, a projection area of up to 50 Sq Metres, along with a full range of front panel controls as well as a dedicated remote, USB-C power in and an enhanced range of visual displays and patterns.

In the box are the projector itself, USB power cable, remote control, and a large and easy to read user guide. Build quality seems fine and the 390g 12 x 11.5 x 10 cm projector, seems well made and robust and quite a lot smaller in size than many of the others. I was pleased to see that the remote is a full-sized one rather than the usual credit card sized jobs and that the USB power in port uses the latest USB-C interface. All the key functions can be controlled directly from the unit itself where a full range of button controls are included, but it is easier and simpler to use the supplied remote control. An image of a planet can be incorporated into the projected pattern and this must be made through the large thumbwheel on the device itself.

This device is not just a star projector it is also an excellent Bluetooth speaker, with a choice of Bluetooth or TF Card inputs, full track and audio controls on both the device and remote.

The unit is powered through the USB-C input and requires a 5v/2A input. Be sure to use a standard USB power source and avoid high power chargers as they may not work with this unit.

Setting it up for Bluetooth could not be easier, just look for the Bluetooth device BT DQ-M3 on your phone. The projector’s excellent internal speaker can play music from any Bluetooth source as well as from any TF card inserted into the port on the unit.

The main selling point, however, is the light display itself and this really is remarkable. Basically, it consists of red, blue, green, and white shimmering wave-like patterns with green laser stars on top. Unique to this device is a moon and planet image which can separately be switched on and off. The wave colours can be combined and the intensity and duration of the stars also controlled through the remote. There are 15 LED colours available and four operating modes: Sleep, Auto, Sound and Flash. In Music Mode the light patterns will change in time with the music. The device will turn off automatically in sleep mode and also has a user-definable timer that can be set from the remote. Hours can be spent finding the best effects combination. Of course, it looks best, at night but is perfectly bright enough for use in curtains drawn daylight room.

This is an excellent device, fascinating and enjoyable to use, well made and well priced and far too much fun for just the nursery or bedroom.

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