WISELAZER 4K Support 1080P Projector

This new model from WISELAZER is a fair bit smaller than my current home cinema projector, although at £259.90 is around the same price. Will the smaller size lead to compromises in performance?

In the box are the projector, infrared remote control, UK Power Cable, HDMI Cable, cleaning cloth and a large and well-written User Guide. The best way to learn about what this unit does and how to use it is to study the User Guide, and so I include a scan of it in my video.

Build quality seems fine, the unit is smaller than my current one, which is perhaps too large, but it is still substantial enough to feel hefty and robust enough to absorb the odd knock. The projector itself is pretty minimalist with an attractive matt textured finish with the only button one for power on the top surface. On the back are ports for USB, HDMI, audio out and power in. The remote is a full-size one with proper clicky buttons and is easy and intuitive to use.

Natively, the unit supports 1080p but will downscale 4K files seamlessly enough. I found that most but not all file types were not recognised when played directly but since I use the projector with an HDMI connected Fire TV stick -with the USB port used to power it – this was not an issue. Although the projector itself has a 5G wifi connection, the Fire TV stick’s wifi gives me all I need both from the internet and my network NAS as well as giving good quality in-sync audio via Bluetooth, which is handy as the projector itself does not support Bluetooth.

Audio comes from two built-in speakers and is good quality and although not super loud it still easily drowns out the pleasingly muted fan noise. I suspect that again many users will connect a fire stick or similar device and use an external Bluetooth speaker.

Video quality is excellent with a wall-filling image bright enough for curtains drawn daytime use. At night the image is even better as regards colour, dynamic range and contrast. The image from this projector beats my current one and is both sharper and more detailed with no sharpness fall off away from the centre. It is a short-throw projector with a wider than average lens which allows it to be used in smaller sized rooms with no reduction in image size. My current projector has to be positioned about three feet further back to generate an image of the same size. However, if you are limited to a more remote position for the projector that should be no problem as the image size can be zoomed bigger and smaller directly from the remote control. Likewise the remote can be used for manual keystone correction to compensate for image distortion when the projector lens and screen are not correctly aligned.

This is an excellent projector with superb image quality, decent sound and a good range of features including smartphone mirroring. Some users may mourn the lack of controls on the device or the single HDMI and USB ports, but I am not one of them. For me, the projector is just a vehicle for the content delivered from the connected source and I doubt I will need to have more than one device connected to it.

This is a fantastic projector for the mid-range price and gives great results. Pair it with a Fire TV stick or Roku and it becomes a viable alternative to a big screen TV costing many times the price. I would be quite happy to buy this projector again and would not waste too much time trying to find a better one.

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